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Georgia DeMolay currently endorses some programs for state-wide use in Georgia. Membership Programs outline current and ongoing programs related to recruiting new members to join DeMolay. The Chapter of Excellence Program recognizes chapters that put forth the effort to present a well-rounded annual program for their members. The Ritualist Examination Board (REB) is an ongoing program where members accumulate points toward earning the title "Master Ritualist". The Traveling Gavel/Gold Brick Program is an ongoing program meant to encourage visitations between Chapters in Georgia. The Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award (PMC-MSA) rewards those who have had an outstanding term as Master Councilor. The Representative DeMolay (RD) Program helps DeMolays evaluate their lives and find areas where they need to improve. The George Washington's Chapter is Georgia's official alumni chapter for former members of Georgia DeMolay and other interested men aged 21 and older.

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