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Alumni Chapter

George Washington's Chapter

George Washington's Chapter

George Washington's Chapter is Georgia DeMolay's Official Alumni Chapter. Membership is open to any male adult 21 and over.

The Alumni chapter takes adult (21 and over) males who were not DeMolays in their youth, and gives them the degrees and obligations of DeMolay. After taking the degrees, they become lifetime members in the DeMolay Alumni Association. They are also given the title of "Honorary Senior DeMolays."

Alumni Chapter Petition for Membership

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  • Gavel: S. S. Lawrence
    ...stationary for 165 days
  • Brick: Middle Georgia
    ...stationary for 193 days

Fun Fact

The Seven Cardinal Virtues of DeMolay are Filial Love, Reverence for Sacred Things, Courtesy, Comradeship, Fidelity, Cleanness, and Patriotism.

 Alumni Chapter

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