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Representative DeMolay Program

Cost: $30

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About the Representative DeMolay Award

Representative DeMolay

The Representative DeMolay is the highest self-achievement award Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It's a self-assessment program where you progress toward goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your interests, achievements, general knowledge, and habits.

The Representative DeMolay Award is a revealing study of the type of person you are. It focuses on self-expression, hobbies, physical activities, religious activities, DeMolay activities, citizenship, and civics. A DeMolay must have a minimum of six months membership by the time he files his Representative DeMolay Application Form. He must also have earned his Obligation Card.

The Representative DeMolay Award was commissioned by DeMolay Founder Frank S. Land to encourage all members of DeMolay to evaluate and develop a well-rounded life that is characterized by the practice of the virtues and values of the Order. Dad Landís goal was for every DeMolay to be a Representative DeMolay, not merely by holding the honor, but by living in such a way as to make the Order proud to call you its own. And, because of your own effort and time, you can be proud to wear the title and insignia of this award.

Applying for the Representative DeMolay Award

To apply for the Representative DeMolay Award, download the Representative DeMolay Preliminary Application Form. Fill the form out entirely, enclose a check for $30 payable to "Georgia DeMolay," and mail the form to the State Office or directly to the RD Coordinator. Once received, you will be sent the Representative DeMolay Self Evaluation Form. After completing the self evaluation, send it, along with the required supporting materials, to the State Office or RD Coordinator. Your form will be evaluated by an expert panel of Senior DeMolays who are also Representative DeMolays themselves. If you are approved to receive the Representative DeMolay Award, you will receive notification and a certificate and regalia will be sent to your Chapter Advisor to be presented to you at an appropriate time.

Representative DeMolay Evaluation Panel

  • Christopher Eells, RD, PIMC, PSMC
  • Geoffrey Bard, RD, PSMC
  • Justin Nobles, RD, PSMC

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Fun Fact

Atlanta resident and Senior DeMolay David Goodnow who was a news anchor for CNN Headline News is in the DeMolay International Hall of Fame.

 Representative DeMolay Program

Last Modified: 16 October 2015 
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