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Ritualist Examination Board (REB)

"Master Ritualist Program"

The Ritualist Examination Board (REB) is an ongoing program, run by the Georgia Chevalier Association, where members accumulate points toward earning the title "Master Ritualist". The REB convenes a minimum of twice annually at Tournament of Champions and at Conclave to examine candidates.

Important Contacts:

    Chairman of the Board

    Bryan R. "Rusty" Newport
    rnewport [at] gademolay.org

    Chevalier Coordinator

    office vacant

The Board Members:

    Georgia-At-Large Members:
      Rusty Newport (Board Chairman)
      office vacant (Chevalier Coordinator)
    Leon P. Edmondson Court Members (Atlanta):
      Adam Roof
      Derek Stovall
    Lester Michels Court Members (Savannah):
      Hugh D'Anna
      Robert Kozlowski

Georgia's Certified Ritualists:

Active Members:

Senior Members:

    Master Ritualist: Mickey Bryant (Albany Chapter)
    Master Ritualist: Clint Jordan (Albany Chapter)
    Master Ritualist: Julius Moody, III (Cecil Cheves Chapter)
    Master Ritualist: Gary T. Vinson, Jr. (Cecil Cheves Chapter)
    Master Ritualist: Geoff Bard (Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter)
    Master Ritualist: Sean Combs (Cecil Cheves Chapter)
    Senior Ritualist: Clay Shoemaker (Clayton Chapter)
    Senior Ritualist: Mike Marchbanks (Panthersville Chapter)
    Junior Ritualist: Lee Bowersox (Albany Chapter)
    Junior Ritualist: Bryan "Rusty" Newport (Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter)
    Junior Ritualist: Adam Roof (Mountain Park Chapter)
    Junior Ritualist: Peter Bard (Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter)

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 Ritualist Examination Board (REB)

Last Modified: 24 July 2014 
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