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Contact Information

Georgia DeMolay State Office:

    Georgia DeMolay State Office

    E-Mail: office [at] gademolay.org
    Address: 1690 Peachtree Street NW / Atlanta, GA 30309
    Phone: 678-HEY-LEAD (439-5323)

For DeMolay-Related Issues:

Executive Officer

Marc B. Bohn
mbohn [at] gademolay.org

State Master Councilor

Blake McElroy
bmcelroy [at] gademolay.org

For Website-Related Issues:

GDO WebMaster

Jonathan W. Challen
jchallen [at] gademolay.org

Web Committee Chairman

Andre E. Lovas
alovas [at] gademolay.org

GDO Web Coordinator

Richard W. Eells, II
reells [at] gademolay.org

GDO Photographer

Kim M. May
kmay [at] gademolay.org

GDO Graphic Designer

Amanda Eells
aeells [at] gademolay.org


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  • Fall Festival
    Nov 12, Al Sihah Shrine Macon
  • Holiday Formal
    Dec 2, Al Sihah Shrine Macon

Fun Fact

The Sentinal of a Chapter was originally called the Sergent-At-Arms.

 Contact Information

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