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Appendant Groups

Here, you can learn about all of the groups associated with Georgia DeMolay. The State Officers and State Staff plan and execute all State Events and State Programs. The most basic group in DeMolay is the Chapter, which is the local unit of DeMolay. The Parents Club is for Parents of DeMolays, and help by providing meals and support at our events. The Sweetheart Program is for young ladies who wish to get involved with DeMolay. The Knighthood Priory helps keep older DeMolays involved. Chevaliers are older DeMolays and Senior DeMolays who have earned the honor of Chevalier, for distinct and meritorious service to DeMolay. It is the highest honor an Active DeMolay can receive. So, make your choice below:

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Fun Fact

Have you ever thought about planning a "Senior DeMolay" night? Itís a great way to get old ideas that still might work!

 Appendant Groups

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