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Initiatory Degree: Master Councilor (includes obligation)
Initiatory Degree: Senior Councilor (includes open/close)
Initiatory Degree: Junior Councilor (includes open/close)
Initiatory Degree: Senior Deacon (includes open/close)
Initiatory Degree: 1st Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 2nd Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 3rd Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 4th Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 5th Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 6th Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: 7th Preceptor
Initiatory Degree: All 7 Preceptors
Rookie of the Year (initiated since January 2021 and not previously competed in ROTY)
DeMolay Degree: Master Inquisitor
DeMolay Degree: Senior Inquisitor
DeMolay Degree: Junior Inquisitor
DeMolay Degree: Jacques DeMolay
DeMolay Degree: Geoffrey De Charney
DeMolay Degree: Lord Constable
DeMolay Degree: Orator

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Chapter Proficiency (includes set up)
9 O'Clock Interpolation
Installation Ceremony (install all officers)
Short Form Initiatory/DeMolay (one member of chapter must also compete in Ceremony of Light)


Ceremony of Light
Flower Talk
Father's Talk
Tribute to Father (unofficial ceremony on GA DeMolay Web Site)
SMC Visitation Ceremony (unofficial ceremony on GA DeMolay Web Site)
DeMolay Member Pin Presentation ( / Monitor of Ceremonies 2017)