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The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor an Active DeMolay can receive. Local groups of Chevaliers are called "Courts". The Georgia Chevalier Association currently has three Chevalier Courts. Information on joining an existing Court or forming a new Court is provided in this section. When a DeMolay is elevated to the degree of Chevalier, one of his vows is to meet with other Chevaliers on (or about) November 8 to break bread. This is called the annual Chevalier Observance. The Georgia Chevalier Association is also responsible for running the Ritualist Examination Board, a program which encourages DeMolay members to become proficient in the ceremonial work of DeMolay. Members work to accumulate points towards earning the title "Master Ritualist".

Chevalier Overview

A Court of Chevaliers may be formed with the authorization of the Georgia Chevalier Coordinator and the Executive Officer. The Court must be made up entirely of Chevaliers from Georgia. All Chevaliers should be in good standing, in that they have participated in their annual observance and completed the required 10 hours of DeMolay service. The Court may elect the following officers: Commander, Commander in the West, Commander in the South, Marshal, Chaplain, Secretary.

The first duty of a Georgia Chevalier Court is to plan and hold an official annual observance for any Chevaliers in the Court's area of operation on (or about) November 8. The Chevalier Court must also assist the Georgia Chevalier Association in conferring the Degree of Chevalier on those named by DeMolay International's Supreme Council. The last required duty of a Georgia Chevalier Court is to provide two trained representatives to sit on the Ritualist Examination Board and to provide REB services in the Court's area of operation.

The following are other examples of areas where a Chevalier Court may work:
Sponsor and maintain an annual Chapter Membership Contest and assist with state membership programs.
Conduct Chapter installations when needed.
Assist in the judging of ritual, athletic or similar competitions.
Promote better understanding of the Order through presentations of history and ideals on the Chapter level.
Be active in the area of extension, so that new Chapters may be formed and membership increased.
Assist and encourage visitations among DeMolay Chapters.
Help out at Conclave and other state events.

Joining a Chevalier Court

Georgia currently has three Chevalier Courts in operation. The Leon P. Edmondson Court of Chevaliers serves the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, the Lester Michels Court of Chevaliers serves the Savannah Metropolitan Area, and the Rex D. Chilton Court of Chevaliers serves the Dahlonega and North Georgia Mountains Area. In order to join a Court of Chevaliers in Georgia, the petitioner must be a Chevalier in good standing for the lesser of three years or since being invested as a Chevalier. "Good Standing" is defined as participating in a Chevalier Observance each year on (or about) November 8 and completing a minimum of 10 hours of service to DeMolay each year.

Petitioner must have been invested with the Chevalier Degree in the State of Georgia or hold permanent residence in the State of Georgia. Petitioner cannot be a member of another Chevalier Court (in this or any other jurisdiction). No Chevalier who meets these requirements will be turned down for membership in a Court of Chevaliers in Georgia. There are no monetary fees associated with joining a Court of Chevaliers in Georgia.

Forming a New Chevalier Court

If there is no Chevalier Court in your locality, you may submit a request to the Georgia Chevalier Association to form a new Court of Chevaliers. Forming a Court of Chevaliers in Georgia requires a minimum of five (5) eligible Chevaliers who wish to join the new Court. These Chevaliers must meet the requirements to join a Chevalier Court in Georgia as outlined above. Approval of the Georgia Chevalier Coordinator and the Georgia Executive Officer is required to form a new Court. Keep in mind that there must not be an existing Chevalier Court in the proposed area of operation.

Resources & Forms

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