State Staff

Executive Leadership

Executive Officer
Mark D. Griffis

State Master Councilor
Raistlin Blanchard

Board of Directors

Deputy Executive Officer of Chapter Operations
Hugh S. D'Anna, III

Deputy Executive Officer of Strategic Initiatives
Torrey O. Knight

Sr. Director of State Operations
Kim May

Sr. Director of Alumni & Masonic Relations
Donald Combs

Sr. Director of Finance
Hans Wilson, Sr.

Director of State Officers
Jackson Fussell

Chapter Operations

Chapter Operations:
Deputy Executive Officer: Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Northern Conference Commissioner: John Kelly
Eastern Conference Commissioner: Donald Combs
Western Conference Commissioner: Torrey O. Knight

New Chapter Development:
New Chapter Development Manager: Chip Pettys

Advisory Council Chairman: Peter Bard
Priory Advisor: Lyle Chadwick
Drill Team Advisor: Alessandro Silva
Treasurer: Beau Davis, Sr.
Cotillion Advisor: Christy Carson

State Squire Manor:
Chairman: Victor Somers
State Manor Advisor: W. Matthew Mauldin


Executive Officer: Mark D. Griffis
Membership Coordinator: Asif Sakhyani
Recruitment Coordinator: Amos "Cade" Lowrance, IV

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives:
Deputy Executive Officer: Torrey O. Knight
Development Manager: Hiroki Harris

State Operations

State Operations:
Senior Director: Kim May

State Events:
State Events Manager: vacant
Assistant State Events Manager: vacant
State Events Staff Coordinator: Hiroki Harris
State Events Staff Coordinator: Paul Peeler, III
State Events Staff Coordinator: Katrina McKern
DeMolayCon Staff Coordinator: Blake McElroy

Sweetheart Program:
Sweetheart Program Coordinator: Emily Propes

Ritual Program Manager: Shaun Jennings
Assistant Ritual Program Manager: Beau Davis

State Programs & Awards:
State Programs & Awards Manager: Jon Challen
Jenny Lind Pettys Scholarship Chairperson: Cynthia L. Eells
Representative DeMolay (RD) Review Panel: Chris Eells, Justin Nobles, Geoff Bard

Chevalier Association:
Chevalier Courts Advisor: Jon Challen
Leon P. Edmondson Court Commander (Atlanta): Vic Somers
Lester Michels Court Commander (Savannah): Mike Riley
Rex D. Chilton Court Commander (Dahlonega): Lyle Chadwick

Information Systems:
Information Systems Manager: Jon Challen
System Administrator: Richard Eells, II

Communications Manager: Hans Wilson, Jr.
Social Media Coordinator: vacant

Education Manager: Michele Peeler
C3PO Coordinator: Jim Stovall
Career Counselor: Asif Sakhyani

Risk Management & Youth Protection:
Risk Management & Youth Protection Manager: Paul Peeler, Jr.
First Aid Assistant: Coleman Harris
Youth Protection Training Assistant: Asif Sakhyani

Alumni & Masonic Relations

Alumni & Masonic Relations:
Senior Director: Donald Combs
George Washington Chapter: Asif Sakhyani
Masonic Bridge: Asif Sakhyani
Alumni Manager: Adam Roof
Alumni Activities Coordinator: vacant
York Rite Relations: Alesandro Silva
Scottish Rite Relations: Donald Combs
Widows Sons Relations: Phillip Chafin
Shrine Relations: Asif Sakhyani

Legion of Honor Preceptory:
Dean: Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Vice Dean: Hans Wilson, Sr.


Senior Director: Hans Wilson, Sr.
Staff Accountant: Christy Carson
Staff Accountant: Asif Sakhyani

State Officers

State Officers:
Director of State Officers: Jackson Fussell
State Chapter Advisor: Khrystle Rader
State Officer Development Coordinator: Blake McElroy

International Supreme Council Members

Active Members:
Marc B. Bohn
William R. Carver, Jr.
Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Mark D. Griffis

Deputy Members:
Donald C. Combs
Hiroki Harris
Torrey O. Knight
Alessandro Silva
Victor J. Somers

Emeritus Members:
Andre E. Lovas
Nathan L. "Skip" Mason
Dana E. Schwarz
Henry V. Tweedell

Honorary Members:
David C. Goodnow
Larry M. Griggers