State Staff

Executive Officer's Steering Committee (EOSC)

The Executive Officer's Steering Committee, or EOSC, consists of the Executive Officer, the State Master Councilor, Deputy State Master Councilor, and the Activity Directors. The EOSC provides the adult planning, program coordination, problem resolution, and youth guidance for the Associated DeMolay Chapters of Georgia, subject to the rules of DeMolay International and the discretion of the Executive Officer. This body assists the Executive Officer in carrying out the mission of Georgia DeMolay by focusing on challenges and opportunities facing the organization and providing continuing support for the young men of DeMolay to help ensure the viability of the fraternity and make the DeMolay experience a meaningful one for its members.

Executive Leadership

Executive Officer
Nathan L. "Skip" Mason

Deputy Executive Officer
Mark D. Griffis

State Master Councilor
Nolan Zeigler

Activity Directors

Director of Administration
Victor J. Somers

Director of Alumni Relations
Coleman D. Harris

Director of Communication
Bryan Lindner

Director of Education
James W. Stovall

Director of Events
Hugh S. D'Anna, III

Director of Finance
Hans Wilson, Sr.

Director of Funding
Torrey O. Knight

Director of Masonic Relations
Donald Combs

Director of Membership & Chapter Development
Mark D. Griffis

Director of Parents Clubs
Leigh Knight

Director of Programs
Jonathan W. Challen

Director of Ritual
Jackson D. Fussell

Director of State Officers
Adam E. Roof

Director of Youth Protection and Risk Management
Paul Peeler

Program Coordinators

State Parents Club:
State Parents Club Coordinator: Leigh Knight
Jenny Lind Pettys Scholarship Chairperson: Cynthia L. Eells

Order of Knighthood (Priory):
Advisory Council Chairman: Peter Bard
Priory Dad: Stephen Ward

Sweetheart Program:
Sweetheart Coordinator: Kim M. May

Legion of Honor Preceptory:
Henry L. Brown Preceptory Dean: Hugh D'Anna
Henry L. Brown Preceptory Secretary: Bryan Lindner

Chevalier Association:
Chevalier Coordinator: Office Vacant
Leon P. Edmondson Court (Atlanta): Blake McElroy
Lester Michels Court (Savannah): Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Rex D. Chilton Court (Dahlonega): DJ Wight

REB Chairman: Jackson Fussell

Squire Manors:
Squire Program Coordinator: DJ Wight

Awards Programs:
Representative DeMolay Coordinator: Jonathan Challen
MSA Coordinator (PMC-MSA, PIKC-MSA, MS-MSA): Jonathan Challen

State Office Administrator: Victor J. Somers
Treasurer: Hans Wilson, Sr.
Assistant to the Director of Administration: Jennifer Young
Assistant to the Director of Administration: Abigail M. Lindner

State Events:
Director of State Events: Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Assistant to the Director of State Events: Jennifer Young
Assistant to the Director of State Events: Abigail M. Lindner

Web Site & Internet Operations:
Web Committee Chairman: Andre E. Lovas
GA DeMolay Online WebMaster: Jonathan W. Challen
GA DeMolay Online Content Manager: Richard W. Eells, II

International Supreme Council Members

Active Members:
Marc B. Bohn
William R. Carver, Jr.
Nathan L. "Skip" Mason

Deputy Members:
Hugh S. D'Anna, III
Mark D. Griffis
Torrey O. Knight
Victor J. Somers

Emeritus Members:
Andre E. Lovas
Dana E. Schwarz
Henry V. Tweedell

Honorary Members:
Donald C. Combs
Thomas H. Cook
David C. Goodnow
Larry M. Griggers
William M. Hutcheson
M. Stephen Ward