Georgia DeMolay History

Past Chapters of the Year

The content on this page was compiled from information available in the Georgia DeMolay office and from input from knowledgeable individuals. If you have information that could add to the completeness and accuracy of this content, please contact us.

2019: Not Awarded
2018: Not Awarded
2017: Not Awarded
2016: Not Awarded
2015: Not Awarded
2014: Not Awarded
2013: Peachtree City Chapter (Peachtree City)
2012: Not Awarded
2011: Not Awarded
2010: Not Awarded
2009: Peachtree City Chapter (Peachtree City)
2008: Peachtree City Chapter (Peachtree City)
2007: Not Awarded
2006: Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter (Marietta)
2005: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
2004: Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter (Marietta)
2003: Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter (Marietta)
2002: Not Awarded
2001: Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter (Marietta)
2000: Clayton Chapter (Ellenwood)
1999: Columbus Chapter (Columbus)
1998: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
1997: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
1996: Don R. Roberts Chapter (Brunswick)
1995: Don R. Roberts Chapter (Brunswick)
1994: Don R. Roberts Chapter (Brunswick)
1993: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
1992: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
1991: Mountain Park Chapter (Stone Mountain)
1990: Cecil Cheves Chapter (Savannah)
1989: Cecil Cheves Chapter (Savannah)
1988: Panthersville Chapter (Decatur)
1987: Clayton Chapter (Ellenwood)
1986: Samuel S. Lawrence Chapter (Marietta)
1983: Albany Chapter (Albany)
1982: Columbus Chapter (Columbus)
1981: Columbus Chapter (Columbus)
1980: Thomas G. Bankston Chapter (Americus)
1979: Thomas G. Bankston Chapter (Americus)
1978: Thomas G. Bankston Chapter (Americus)
1977: Smyrna Chapter (Smyrna)
1976: Albany Chapter (Albany)
1975: Albany Chapter (Albany)
1974: Albany Chapter (Albany)
1973: Lloyd A. Grace Chapter (Macon)
1972: Albany Chapter (Albany)
1971: Cecil Cheves Chapter (Savannah)
1966: Chamblee Chapter (Chamblee)