Georgia DeMolay History

Knighthood History

The content on this page was compiled from information available in the Georgia DeMolay office and from input from knowledgeable individuals. If you have information that could add to the completeness and accuracy of this content, please contact us.

Past Illustrious Knight Commanders

2018-2019: Coleman D. Harris (Grady T. Bozeman)
2017-2018: Remington S. Bridgeman (Clayton - Hampton)
2016-2017: Hiroki Harris (Middle Georgia - Warner Robins)
2015-2016: Hans Wilson, Jr. (Peachtree City)
2014-2015: Benton Kante (Peachtree City)
2013-2014: Nick Bohn (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
2012-2013: Nick Bohn (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
2011-2012: Zack Ford (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
2010-2011: Joseph Griswold (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
2009-2010: Christopher Benedetti (Peachtree City)
2008-2009: Paul A. Hunt (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
2007-2008: Stephen R. Bohn (Panthersville - Conyers)
2006-2007: James M. O'Neal (Middle Georgia - Warner Robins)
2005-2006: H. Alexander Williams (Clayton - Hampton)
2004-2005: Adam J. Fowler (Samuel S. Lawrence - Marietta)
2003-2004: Brian Eidson (Clayton - Hampton)
2002-2003: Perry L. Bennett (Samuel S. Lawrence - Marietta)
2001-2002: Jimmy Spettel (Columbus)
2000-2001: office vacant
1999-2000: T. Edwin Reagin (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1998-1999: Derek J. Stovall (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1997-1998: Jonathan W. Challen (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1996-1997: Justin H. Harmon (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1995-1996: Lyle Chadwick (Samuel S. Lawrence - Marietta)
1994-1995: William P. Brady (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1993-1994: Michael Grant (Cecil Cheves - Savannah)
1992-1993: David E. Fritz (Mountain Park - Stone Mountain)
1991-1992: Dmitry Tokarsky (Samuel S. Lawrence - Marietta)
1990-1991: Robert S. Koslowski (Cecil Cheves - Savannah)
1989-1990: Bryan R. Newport (Samuel S. Lawrence - Marietta)
1988-1989: Frankie L. Kitchens (Jonesboro)
1987-1988: Christopher O. Hendry (Jonesboro)
1986-1987: Leo F. Bowersox III (Albany)

Hugh S. D'Anna, III (Cecil Cheves - Savannah), Henry L. Brown Priory
John Gardner (Augusta), Henry L. Brown Priory
William R. Carver, Jr. (Albany), Middle Georgia Priory

Priory History

Henry L. Brown Priory (Atlanta/Savannah), formed 8/7/1970 in Atlanta, moved to Savannah in early 1974, combined into State Priory, 1986
Middle Georgia Priory (Albany), formed 1971, combined into State Priory, 1986
North Georgia Priory (Atlanta), formed early 1974, combined into State Priory, 1986
State Priory of Georgia (Macon), formed 1986, currently active

Historical Commentary

Knighthood was instituted in Georgia on August 7, 1970 at the Americal Motor Hotel in Atlanta during the 1970 Conclave. The Degree of Investiture and the Ebon Degree were presented by the combined members of the Cincinnati and Miami Valley Priories from the jurisdiction of Ohio. James Milner presided as Illustrious Knight Commander. The Knights from Ohio wore tuxes with white dinner jackets and white gloves during the ceremonies. The first Priory instituted in Georgia was the Henry L. Brown Priory, based in Atlanta.

As the Henry L. Brown Priory picked up steam, it was apparent that the state could support a second Priory. Besides the fact that the numbers (around 2500 DeMolay members were on the rolls in Georgia at the time) would support a second Priory, Dad Pettys (Executive Officer at the time) explained that he was concerned that the Knights in the "outstate" were having to drive into Atlanta for virtually every function. He wanted to get a Priory situation for them that wouldn't require as long a drive.

Dad Pettys asked William R. Carver Jr. (who would go on to become Illustrious Knight Commander, State Master Councilor, and Executive Officer) to take the lead in canvassing the Knights from Macon south to drum up support for a second Priory, that he wanted based in Albany. However, even as it was based in Albany, it was named the Middle Georgia Priory. It was a several month effort. However, the Charter was issued and Middle Georgia Priory became the second one in the state.

Henry L. Brown Priory officially moved to Savannah after the 1974 Tournament of Champions. North Georgia Priory was created to fill the void when Henry L. Brown Priory moved to Savannah.

In 1986, as membership in DeMolay waned from its heyday in the 1960s and 70s, the three Priories merged to form the State Priory of Georgia in order to keep Knighthood viable in the state of Georgia. Leo F. Bowersox III of Albany Chapter was elected the first IKC of the State Priory. He was primarily responsible for getting the State Priory started.

Credit: William R. Carver Jr., Hugh S. D'Anna III

1970 Institution Program (Front)
1970 Institution Program (Back)