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The Jenny Lind Pettys Scholarship Program was created in 1978 in honor of the wife of the late Norman Pettys, Past Executive Officer in the Jurisdiction of Georgia. Mom Pettys was very active in Georgia DeMolay and was very dedicated to helping active DeMolays continue their education beyond high school.

Over 70 JLP Scholarships have been given out over the years to assist active DeMolay with the financial obligations of college or technical school. The funds for the scholarship program are from fundraising on the part of the State Parents Club, as well as many local chapter donations and private donations. These donations are tax deductible and can be made in honor/memory of a loved one.

The History of the Jenny Lind Pettys Scholarship

The Jenny Lind Pettys Scholarship was proposed at the State Mothers' Club Meeting in Macon on November 19, 1978 (probably by Joyce Boyd). The proposal stated that a Scholarship Fund be started for the purpose of aiding qualified active DeMolays to further their education on the college level at a school of their choice: university, vocational or technical in nature. This fund was at the same time to honor Jenny Lind Pettys, wife of Dad Norman W. Pettys, then Executive Officer for the Jurisdiction of Georgia Order of DeMolay, in recognition of her personal sacrifice, her love and support of Georgia DeMolay and the Mothers' Clubs as well as to Dad Pettys who served as Executive Officer for 18 years. The proposal was passed unanimously.

Jenny Lind Pettys
L to R: Mom Jenny Lind Pettys, Dad
Norman W. Pettys, Mom Marcia Lance

The idea was borrowed from the Texas DeMolay Mothers Auxiliary. A committee chaired by Marie Thompson of Thomas G. Bankston DeMolay Chapter in Americus developed the governing rules. Other members of the committee were Marcia Lance of Clayton Chapter, Liz Irby of Perry Chapter, and Anita Paugh of Augusta Chapter. Both Joyce, Marie and Marcia were Past Presidents of the State Mothers' Club. It is currently unknown as to whether Liz and Anita served in that capacity but they were certainly instrumental in establishing the JLP Scholarship Fund governing rules. Enthusiasm for the project resulted in early donations of $500. The first scholarships were awarded at the 1979 Conclave to Ronnie Curl and Charles Brookshire. Ronnie was State Master Councilor at the time.

The legacy we leave behind in this life is, in my humble opinion, a little bit of our individual immortality. The truth we impart and the efforts we make to equip our young people to cope in life in an honorable way is a legacy of which to be proud. Education is a part of that legacy. Education can be shared but never taken away, for the owner and one cannot help sharing education once it is gained. It is impossible to keep it all to yourself. Therefore, education is much like a family tree - it grows and spreads. I am encouraging each Parents' Club as well as individuals throughout the state to join in the effort to raise funds for the JLP Scholarship Fund to honor both Mom and Dad Pettys - two wonderful people whose contribution was so great that it can never be measured or adequately described. Wherever they are today, I know they would smile and thank every contributor whether it be individual or group. Your gift also builds your own legacy and immortality by passing on education to our young men.

Article Credit: Debbie Griggers, Marcia Lance, and Rhonda Povlot


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